Our Ingredients

Any gardener will tell you, a plant will only do well if it is in the right place, with the right soil and has the right weather. No amount of mollycoddling will get something to grow well and deliver its very best if it doesn’t like its spot. Luckily, throughout England there are distinct areas where certain types of fruits and vegetables flourish because they have two out of the three elements they need guaranteed (well, you can never guarantee English weather).

We work with our farmers to ensure their crops are harvested when they are at their very best and being that the English weather is so unpredictable if that means we have to reschedule production due to early or late harvests then we reschedule. It also means that should we have to find alternative supply sources for our ingredients - as long as they are grown in England, we will. Whilst we do not want to disappoint the quality independent retailers who work so hard to help us bring these classics to you we want to make sure it is the taste you remember.