Bramley Apple Sauce

We wonder if there is any other apple whose history has been so documented as the much loved English Bramley? The first tree was grown from pips planted by a young girl – Mary Ann Brailsford in her garden in Southwell in Nottingham in 1809. It got its name from a later owner, a butcher called Matthew Bramley who having agreed to allow a local nurseryman to take cuttings and sell the young trees insisted the apple should bear his name. So in 1856 the Bramley apple officially arrived and quite deservedly is recognised worldwide as the most delicious cooking apple, even earning the nickname the ‘King of Covent Garden’.

We simply take this beauty and lovingly prepare and cook it to perfection so that you can enjoy it as the classic accompaniment to roast pork or pork chops. But if Sunday is too far way to wait why not add it to your yoghurt or ice cream for a quick and easy pud or spoon over muesli or porridge for breakfast.