Cucumber Relish

The cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely cultivated plant from the gourd family, a vigorous creeping vine that will grows heavenwards by wrapping its thin spiralling tendrils around any supporting structure given half a chance. Reportedly introduced into England in the early 14th century, then lost and subsequently re-introduced some 250 years later, they made their mark even getting a mention in Samuel Pepys diary in 1663 for all the wrong reasons.

We use the very best crunchy cucumbers that the English summer produces and combine them with a delicate mix of herbs and spices to deliver a deliciously moreish relish.  Yes you can try it with your hotdogs and burgers just like our transatlantic buddies, or you can slather it on cold poached salmon or tuna or simply add to a salt beef sandwich and let the subtle herbs work their magic.