Gooseberry Compote

What is compote? Fruit preserved or cooked in syrup. Sounds easy you may think but the skill is in making sure the fruit keeps its very essence of flavour and is not over sweetened to the point where is tastes like a failed attempt at jam.

We use the plumpest juiciest Goosegogs an old English garden favourite because it loves our English climate. To which we add just a smidgeon of sugar as our berries are beautifully ripe to make sure our compote has the right blend of sweetness to offset some of the natural tartness from the fruit. Fruity and floral with a flavour reminiscent of an English summers day.

Sublime with whisked into a dollop of cream or crème fraiche to create a ‘fool’ or added to crumbles and pies. Try adding to porridge or a rice pudding for a twangy change.