Horseradish Sauce

The horseradish is a large ancient perennial of the Brassicaceae family which also includes mustard and wasabi along with cabbages and broccoli. It reaches 1.5 meters high and is grown for the large white tap roots and it is normally planted and harvested by hand. When grated it delivers that familiar tingle to the back of the nose and brings water to the eyes. This in itself makes it a difficult ingredient to work with, in that, not only does the preparation cause some tears but speed is of the essence as it quickly loses its pungency and colour and can develop a bitter taste if not dealt with quickly.

Our horseradish has a delightful kick that really hits the spot. It is perfect for any dish with beef - your Sunday roast beef, steak sandwiches or cottage pie, try adding a dollop to your gravy for a twangy note. Also really sublime with fishcakes and smoked fish or add a soupcon to a seafood cocktail sauce to make it sing!