Mint Sauce

Mentha spicata is an invasive herbaceous perennial which most gardeners try to keep confined in a pot, the strange square shaped stems are the trade mark of this family of herbs. It is a cunning plant which thrives in partial shade and loves moisture and if the soil is not moist enough will die back and wait for better times and spring up again when you are not looking. However, this ancient aromatic herb is used across the world for its sweet, refreshing scent and taste despite its annoying habits. The pointed leaves from which it gets its name of spearmint are best harvested before they flower to deliver the most intense flavour so that is when our growers do it.

We then simply mix the finely chopped English Mint with just the right amount of vinegar and sugar to bring the flavour of the mint to the level of perfection that your Grandmother made, not too sweet, not too tangy just perfect mintiness. Sublime with Roast lamb or chops or try adding to yoghurt to make a mint raita to go with your curry.