Pickled Onions

Another English favourite, using yet another variety of the species Allium cepa, the small, sweet pickling onion. We reckon pickled onions are a national treasure – everyone loves them. No self-respecting household or fish and chip shop would be without them and a Ploughman’s without a pickle is like a trifle without cream. 

We wanted our pickled onions to taste just like the homemade versions handed out around Christmas from your relatives who have the time and inclination to peel and prepare the little beauties.  The biggest difference is we guarantee that our pickled onions have been steeped in traditional malt vinegar within hours of being peeled to ensure they are at their crunchiest.  Essential with a Ploughman’s, (it should be the law), delicious with any cold meats or cheeses and nice to just snack on when you feel the urge.