Victoria Plum Chutney

The Victoria Plum (Prunus domestica ssp. Intermedia) is a variety first discovered in Sussex and named after the then Queen of England - ‘Victoria’. The trees although quite hardy are not huge making them perfect for orchards, cottage gardens and allotments - a beautiful sight when they are in bloom.

We use only the finest, plumpest purpley Plums and delicately spice them with a smidgeon of cinnamon. We then add the finest Claret and craft the fruits to produce chutney we think is fit for royalty. The result is mouth wateringly fruity chutney with just a whiff of indulgence to it. Perfect for poultry or pork  - try it with sausages. Sublime with game especially duck and game pie. 

P.S. If a recipe calls for Plum Chutney- use ours, well it will save you having to make it.